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  • Ultrasound examinations can detect life-threatening aortic aneurysms and stroke-causing narrowing of the neck arteries in time for effective treatment
  • Ultrasounds provide patient with accurate and important medical information
  • Ultrasound can help doctors look inside a patient's body to see everything from heart valves to a moving baby


Ultrasound is a noninvasive procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of the body, providing valuable information for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and conditions.   Our highly-trained, ARDMS registered sonographers use cutting edge diagnostic ultrasound equipment to ensure accurate testing results.  Our lab performs Abdomen, Thyroid, Pelvis, Kidneys, Testicles, Breast, and other various ultrasound exams.

Vascular Ultrasound

Our peripheral vascular lab (PVL) uses noninvasive ultrasound to examine the body’s circulatory system by evaluating blood flow through arteries or veins.  It is often used to help identify blockages (stenosis), detect blood clots (DVT) or determine if a patient is a good candidate for a procedure or surgery. Our Vascular Ultrasound is IAC accredited to ensure the highest quality vascular exams and outstanding patient care. Our lab performs Carotid Duplex, Renal artery Duplex, Venous and Arterial Upper and Lower Extremity studies, and various other vascular exams.